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Head office & Factory
P.O. Box ST344, Southerton, Harare
111 Dagenham Road, Willowvale, Harare
Tel: +263-4-662681/5
Fax: +263-4-663543/4

Bulawayo Branch
P.O. Box 8129, Bulawayo
17 Falcon Street, Light Industries
Tel: +263-9-466297/8
Fax: +263-9-466718

Mutare Branch
P.O. Box 1914 Mutare
17 Simon Mazorodze, Mutare
Tel: +263-20-60022, 60024

Cernol was established in March 1960 as a subsidiary of Chemical Services a company based in South Africa. The company known as Cernol Chemicals (Zimbabwe) (Private) Limited in December 1980 and prior to that its name had been changed from Chemical Services to Chemserve in October 1973.

The company was localized in 1982 after a management buyout from Chemical Services South Africa. SMM acquired the entire issued capital of Cernol in July 2002 from the management.

Nature of Operations
The company is engaged in the manufacture, importation and distribution of various chemical products used in the water and metal treatment industries, dairy, hospital and healthcare, commercial and industrial laundry, food and beverage, hospitality, mining and heavy industrial manufacturing industries. The company has a manufacturing plant in Harare and distribution centers in Bulawayo and Mutare.

Industrial Chemicals
The company is active in nine industrial market segments as listed below: 

Food & BeveragesFood & Beverage
Cernol manufactures both alkaline and acidic liquid and powdered detergents for CIP and manual vessel cleaning as well as bottle washing additives and liquid and gel type conveyor lubricants. Its also manufactures a very wide range of sanitisers and disinfectants for equipment, hands and fogging.


 Heavy Industry Mining & Heavy Industrial Manufacturing
Cernol manufactures chemicals utilized in the heavy industry for cleaning, protecting stainless steel surfaces and removing of rust and scale form ferrous surfaces. These are Magnus waterless Hand cleaner, Magnus 92 PR, CTC –P, Chloracid 93, Alichena and Solvene 222. It also manufactures a Magnus toilet deodorizer and all purposes oil for use in lathes that is Chmespec solub oil.

HaulageTransport and Haulage
The company manufactures chemicals for vehicle body cleaning, engine cleaning and cooling and paint removal  .

Cernol manufactures chemicals used for both manual and CIP dairy equipment cleaning , de – scaling and disinfecting. It also does liquid hand soap and tip disinfectant chemicals for prevention of mastitis.

Metal Treatment
The company manufactures chemicals used for pre-treatment of metal surfaces before painting in the vehicle assembly and domestic appliances manufacturing industries.

Water BoilersWater Treatment
Cernol is involved in the production of portable, boiler and cooling water treatment chemicals.



Hospital & Housekeeping
Cernol manufactures chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting kitchen utensils, toilets, cold rooms, pantries, floors and walls

Commercial & Industrial Laundry
Cernol manufactures both manual and machine washing detergents, powder and liquid bleach for both white and coloured garments, fabric softeners and a range of specialized stain removers. 

HealthHospital and Healthcare
Under this segment Cernol is involved in the production of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals for linen, equipment, environment and wounds.



Processing Chemicals
Cernol is involved in the importation and distribution of various chemicals direct from source for various sectors of the economy including food and beverage, mining, personal care and candle manufacturing industries.

Fast Moving Consumer GoodsFast Moving Consumer Goods
Cernol manufactures and distributes through the country’s leading wholesalers and retailers the Optima range of household cleaning products. It also manufactures and distributes Mwedzi and Optima Insect Repellent candles.

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