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 Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics
Corporate Governance

Management Introduction
GB Holdings upholds its reputation of conducting business in an ethically sound manner. In pursuit of our prime goal of profitability we shall balance between short-term and long-term objectives. We shall fulfill our commitments to all our internal and external stakeholders. The core values we uphold shall be the foundation of our doing business. These values shall be employed in all operations of GB Holdings. They shall be shared among all the employees of GB Holdings.  

Business Conduct
GB Holdings shall conduct all its business with integrity, honesty and ethics.

The Law
GB Holdings shall obey the applicable laws and regulations governing in all its areas/locations of operation.

All staff shall be recruited, employed, promoted on the basis qualifications and competences required for the job they are to perform.

Work Environment
GB Holdings shall provide a conducive work environment through internal communication channels. We are committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for our all our employees

Conflict of Interest
GB Holdings employees shall avoid commitments and activities that have financial or otherwise gain, which could conflict with their jobs.

Public Activities
GB Holdings is a non-partisan entity and does not get involved in politics through the funding of political parties or other activities. The Company shall continuously seek to maintain / improve / defend its legitimate business activities through relevant recognized national associations and bodies either directly or indirectly. This includes the querying / challenging of statutory and regulatory aspects perceived as adverse to the legitimate operations of the Company. GB Holdings shall actively co-operate with statutory and regulatory authorities in the development of legislation and regulations in situations where it has vested interests or its experience can add value. GB Holdings shall be responsive to questions and queries from regulatory authorities and the community through an established Internal and External Communication Procedure.

Value For Money Products
GB Holdings shall not short change its customers, but provide products that deliver value for money through its quality management system.

Environmental Issues
GB Holdings established a Safety Health and Environment Council mandated to ensure compliance with applicable local environmental laws and regulations.

GB Holdings does not engage in unfair and unethical practices in order to outdo competitors, but believes in vigorous competition through sound and credible business principles.

Reliability of Financial Reporting
It is mandatory for GB Holdings to maintain one set of accounting records that accurately reflect all transactions made. No transactions, accounts, funds or assets are to be unrecorded, undisclosed or hidden under any circumstances whatsoever.

GB Holdings in all its transactions does not give or receive bribes in order to maintain or facilitate any business / financial advantages. GB Holdings employees are instructed to immediately reject and report any bribery attempts. The public is also requested to report to the General Manager any bribery attempts by Company employees.

Scope of Application
This Code of Business Principles applies to the whole of GB Holdings. The Company shall be guided by these principles in its relationships with Suppliers, Customers and any other Business Partners formed through strategic alliances or joint ventures.

Compliance and Monitoring
It is the responsibility of GB Holdings Management to ensure that this code is communicated widely and understood at all levels of the business. Management shall use their discretion to periodically call for an audit / investigation by an independent party into the business activities to evaluate compliance. Company employees are encouraged to report any breach /suspected breach to this Code in confidence directly to the management. The Management undertakes that no employee will suffer as consequence for reporting a breach /suspected breach of these principles.

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