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General Beltings Harare
P.O. Box ST344, Southerton, Harare
111 Dagenham Road, Willowvale, Harare
Tel: +263-4-662681-4
Fax: +263-4-663543/4

General Beltings Bulawayo
3 Dunlop Rd, Donnington, Bulawayo
Tel: +263-9-463047/473105-8
Fax: +263-9-463047

Pigott Maskew
16 Wolverhampton Rd , Donnington, Belmont, Bulawayo
Tel: +263-9-474 771-4 
Fax: +263-9-462984


General Beltings is the only sole manufacturer of conveyor belting in Zimbabwe and the second such plant in Africa and therefore supplies virtually all the country’s requirements as well as regional markets, with competition coming from imports.

The company exports approximately 20% of its products to Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania and Namibia.

General Beltings is designed to meet national and international specification standards. This is manifested through the Company’s attainment of, and adherence to the following standards:

  • SABS ISO 9001 certified
  • SAZ ISO 14001 certified
  • SABS 1173 product mark
  • SABS 971 product mark
  • SABS 974 product mark

In addition, General Beltings is a member of Conveyor Manufacturers Association (SA)

General Beltings supplies a wide range of conveyor belting designed to satisfy all sectors of the industry. All belting manufactured is textiles reinforced with specifications which comply with SABS 1173/1977. The types of belting produced are:

  • Rubber-covered belting
  • PVC belting
  • Light duty PVC belting
  • Solid woven belting
  • Transmission Belting
  • Conveyor Belt Rubber skirting

A significant percentage of these products are used in the mining and manufacturing sector.

Technical Services
General Beltings can offer a wide range of technical services. Our experienced personnel can carry out belt surveys, on site and in factory belt splicing, suggest rationalization programs, belt maintenance and training and assist with advice on improving belt life span.


Pigott MaskewPigott Maskew
Pigott Maskew manufactures a wide range of rubber products. The products are grouped in the following categories:

  • Large and small bore reinforced rubber hoses
  • Rubber agricultural and construction rings
  • Rubber sheeting
  • Rubber gasket material
  •  Moulded rubber products
  • Rubber extrusions
  • Rubberized charge car wheels
  • Rubber lining services for the mining, construction and automotive industry

The products listed above are largely used in the mining, manufacturing and construction industries.

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